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Hajj Guide for Sisters

Hajj Guide for Sisters – Resources, Lists, Duas

Assalamulaikum sis,

Going for Hajj & don’t know where to start?

This blog post will help you out with everything – the process, the planning & the preparation for Hajj In sha Allah taa’la

First of all, congratulations for the beautiful opportunity. Alla humma Barik!

Here are a bunch of resources that I have collected to help you prepare for your Hajj…..

Understanding Hajj, its process, the pre-requisites for Ihram & in general, how to get started for Hajj

Watch :

  1. HajjCoach by our beloved late Sheikh Mohammad AlShareef. This is a bunch of short bite-sized videos to get you started. Click here to watch HajjCoach.
  2. Hajj Step by Step by Sheikh Omar Suleiman gives you a more practical approach for your entire Hajj journey. May Allah bless him immensely. It also comes with a printable pdf guide. Download pdf here. Click here to watch video series.
  3. Need a Hajj guide in Hindi/Urdu – this is a super practical, albeit lengthy lecture series by Qari Arif Jamal in Hindi/Urdu. (tip – watch at 1.5x). Click here to watch.

Listen :

  1. Podcast by Farhan Abdul Azeez – the sweetness of Hajj is another gem worth listening to, if you’re a podcast person. Listen here.

Read :

  1. Beautiful handwritten notes by Sister Mazalina Maram, may Allah be pleased with her (this is for you if you’re in for an aesthetic treat). Plz don’t forget to make dua for her during Hajj. Download here.
  2. A step by step guide in a flow chart format with pictures, by Markaz Deoband. Download here.

Hajj Duas

make duas for –

  1. Hidaayat – guidance from Allah
  2. Maghfirat – forgiveness from Allah
  3. Nusrat – help from Allah
  4. Qubuliyat – acceptance from Allah
  5. Aafiyat – ease from Allah
  6. Hifaazat – protection
  7. Akhirat – protection from hellfire & punishment of the grave & asking for Jannah & an easy reckoning.
  8. Personal duas – for your health, rizq, finances, education, work/biz success, love & peace in family, ease from any hardship you’re facing & any other duas you want to make.
  9. Duas for your family and kids

Since this is a huge list of duas, you might easily forget what duas you have to make so here is an easy foldable, printable dua format where-in you can write your duas, keep in your pocket and pull out every now & then.

Foldable-Printable Dua template

Hajj Packing guide

If you check out the pdf that I have attached in the beginning, there’s a detailed list of what you should pack.

I’m also adding a list here.

Luggage :

  1. Rash cream/ Vaseline for inner thigh rash (super important!)
  2. 12-16 dress/suit sets
  3. Cotton hijabs/Prayer dress
  4. Cosmetics : Fragrance free soap, moisturiser, shampoo, sunscreen, lip balm. Fragrance free hand sanitiser & wet wipes. Comb. Hair tie/Scrunchies. Nail clipper. Small scissors.
  5. Cotton socks. Hand socks if you have dresses with short sleeves. Undergarments. Sanitary napkins(just in case).
  6. ear plus (sponge ones). Eye cover.
  7. Juice powder sachets. Protein bars.
  8. sleeping bag/Yoga mat (small size)
  9. Towels
  10. Shoes/Sandals/Slippers. Shoe bag.
  11. Extra luggage for gifts

Handbag :

  1. Spray sanitiser & wipes for public toilets.
  2. Phone.
  3. Shades
  4. water bottle.
  5. cash/card
  6. Id documents
  7. Digital tasbih. 7-bead tasbih for tawaf.
  8. Medicine for headache, allergies, lozenges etc
  9. If humidity makes you sweat excessively, carry a hand-held small fan & a 100 ml small spray bottle. Fill this bottle with ZamZam and spray on your face. Then blow fan over your face. It’ll keep you cool.

Let’s face periods !

You’ll have to take the medicine to delay periods. A physician recommended medicine is Tab Provera / Deviry 10 mg twice a day, starting from 2 days before expected date of menses and continue for as long as you want to delay menses.

You’ll probably need a prescription for that.

Hajj Gifting guide

You might be tempted into buying a lot of stuff. This might cause you to roam about in markets.

It is my personal advice that DO NOT waste time in Hajj obsessing over gifts. Remember, you’re not a tourist. This is Hajj.

Buy some dates & some perfume for gifting in general.

If you want to buy something special for someone, make a list of what exactly you want and after Hajj, keep a short period of time allotted for this shopping.

Easy peasy gift ideas –

For male relatives/friends – dates, perfume, skull cap, Jubba, thobe, Arabian traditional flip flops

For female relatives/friends – dates, perfumes, hijabs, abayas, necklaces/jewellery

For kids – baby prayer mats, baby hijabs, toys, bags etc

For home decor enthusiasts – traditional arabic tea sets, unique prayer mats


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