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Maximise Barakah In Your Time, Overcome Procrastination, and Step into your most productive self

I Help Busy Female Muslim Entrepreneurs Optimise Their Time, Get Proactive On Their Goals & Create Elite Results in their Business, while being a Present, Joyful Mom & a Mindful Muslimah, with Neuroscience-based Goal Setting & Time Management strategies.

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Maximise Barakah In Your Time, Overcome Procrastination, and Step into your most productive self

I Help Busy Female Muslim Entrepreneurs Optimise Their Time, Get Proactive On Their Goals & Create Elite Results in their Business, while being a Present, Joyful mom & a Mindful Muslimah, with Neuroscience-based Goal Setting & Time Management strategies.

Is This You?
  • “Always busy, tired & overwhelmed.
  • Ashamed of the time wasted on social media.
  • Mindlessly hurrying through your Salah.
  • Being a zombie mom.
  • You struggle to find time for self-care and exercise as a result, you are not in your best shape.
  • Your relationship with your husband is suffering, as you are constantly juggling multiple roles.
  • You feel like you are missing out on the fun, family & life’s potential.
  • Your wish to give more time to your kids.
  • You know you could do more in your business and professional life but are always lagging behind.

You Desire to have it all


I Hear You

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. A lot of smart, dedicated, and high-achieving women struggle with the pressure of time. Feeling rushed and spread thin, they find it challenging to achieve meaningful results despite their relentless efforts. This can be a tiring experience, but it is not a reflection of your worth or abilities.

I HAVE BEEN THERE and I know how it feels to be over-stretched between responsibilities & find yourself lacking the time, energy & motivation to work on that goal of yours.

I FAILED MULTIPLE TMES while trying to balance my medical career with the responsibilities of motherhood. Just like you, I tried to do it all by myself without seeking help. Being a high-achiever throughout school and university, I thought I was strong enough to pull this off.


While trying to make everything work, I experienced anxiety, depression, mom guilt, burnout, relationship trouble, poor health, and low self-esteem. To cope with it all, I resorted to overeating, overthinking, and overperforming. Throughout my career, I have observed an overwhelming number of otherwise highly accomplished career moms who silently suffer from the same.

The biggest disservice we do to ourselves is – 

1. We expect ourselves to manage the double workload of a full-time job and a family together, without investing in the mindset, skills, or perspective it needs. 

2. We assume that it should be effortless and done with perfection, without any space for mistakes or asking for help.

3. We get Anxious when we feel like we’re failing because we expect that we should be naturally good at it. 

4. When we eventually end up with burnout, overwhelm & anxiety, we blame ourselves, work even more, and don’t seek expert help

And I am here to help you take control of your Time

Following a sunnah method. Allah(SWT) says He is Time. It is in HIS control and HE has assigned a specific time period for each of us in this world. 

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Everything I coach comes straight from my own experience and the methods I applied in my journey of becoming a medical doctor and working as a healthcare professional while being married and looking after kids. My techniques are inspired by the Principles of Psychology and Neuroscience and the Wisdom of the Quran & Hadith. 

The system we follow

Reconnect with your lord
Align your goals and daily life with a higher purpose. 
Rizq (sustenance) and Barakah (divine blessings) come from Allah. When you view your goals as a means to gain the pleasure of Allah, it changes your perspective and helps you find greater fulfillment and ease in achieving success.

The sessions will cover

  • Letter to Allah & mental exercises
  • Jannah visualization session
  • Quran Journaling worksheet
  • The concepts of Iman, Islam & Ihsan.
  • The importance of free will & choices as a Muslimah mompreneur.

You’ll walk away with – 

  • How to make every action, every decision & every word you utter an Act of Worship through Intention setting. 
  • Anchoring with Allah your resentments, pain, goals, future dreams, fears & wins. 
Core Clarity and Goal setting

You fail to achieve Your goals because you lack clarity and direction. It leads you to compare and blindly follow paths that are not meant for you.

  • Understand your unique Roles & Goals
  • Set up your non-negotiables
  • Have clarity on your Vision and your Why
  • Set SMART goals, goal ladder, specific & stretch goals
  •  Understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • Find out the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back

You’ll walk away with –

  • A high-performance Mindset & identifying your limiting beliefs.
  • Building resilience and mental toughness.
  • Optimizing your energy signature.
Create and optimise time

Neuroscience backed strategies on how to create more time while showing up for your family and responsibilities –

  • Applying the 80/20 principle to your unique problems
  • Deep prioritisation through Eisenhower matrix
  • Understand Left brain tasks vs Right brain tasks
  • Practice time blocking

You’ll walk away with –

  • How to Optimise your time – use the same 60 mins but do more.
  • A deep understanding of your mood cycle, your energy cycle, and your work-rest cycle
  • How to optimize your cycles for peak performance through lifestyle and work style changes

THE TRUTH IS – You don’t lack time!

Your time is going into tasks that are not yielding any positive outcome in terms of ROI in business. Also, your relationship with your kids, your husband and your creator, Allah is suffering. 

You are in a constant loop of worry and stress and at the end of the day you feel drained and exhausted which makes it worse for you.

Here’s how I do it…

I play multiple roles in a day. As mom of two under-five kids, I prioritise my time for my online business as a coach, my 9-5 job as an Assistant Professor in a medical college, my duties as a wife, and most importantly my obligation towards Allah (SWT)

I wake up every day with absolute clarity on where I want to spend my time and how. I make sure the time I am investing in, helps in any of the four areas of my life, my business, my relationship with Allah, my kids, and my husband.

I focus on doing the most important tasks of the day that take me closer to my goals

This could be you

This could be you

What's Inside the program?

16 weekly One on one sessions with me

Length of sessions – 60 mins

Duration of the Coaching Programme: Six Months 

4 months intensive & 2 months support. 

Messenger and Email Support on weekdays 

Personalized productivity planner with actionable steps


6 Recorded Sessions 

Productivity Tools, Templates, and Worksheets

Questions you may have

What’s the duration of your one-on-one Coaching:

The duration of the training is Six Months during which you will receive one on one coaching, accountability and handholding to help you achieve your goals.

How long will I have access to your recorded training?

Our coaching program is execution based and our goal is to help you achieve the desired outcome within six months. You will get lifetime access to the bonus recorded sessions.

Do you offer Guarantee?

If you do not see the promised outcome after six months of coaching, messenger support, accountability, and handholding, I will offer you an additional six months of free coaching until you achieve the desired outcome that we agreed upon during our call.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, you will have to apply for the refund within the first week of the coaching program.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, we have a monthly payment plan.

Is this only for business owners?

It’s for Muslim Mompreneurs as well as any purpose-driven Muslim Woman who wants to see barakah in her time.

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