High-achieving muslimahs don't manage their time or tasks.

They manage their choices.

"The difference between a sale and a fail is clarity on your goals "


I’m Asbah and I help busy high-achieving muslimahs optimise their time, get proactive on their goals & achieve transformational results in their business & personal life. 

In just 6 months, I will take you from ‘scrambling for time’ & ‘stuck on goals’ to ‘Endless Barakah in time, energy & dollars’ through evidence-based & time-tested strategies in neuroscience & psychology.

Integrated with the Islamic wisdom & values of Quran & Hadith, my signature program ‘The Productivity Accelerator’, caters to the specific and unique needs of the Muslimah entrepreneur who’s looking for financial & personal growth without compromising on her Islamic values or her role as a mother. 

this is an image of dr. Asbah shams who's a productivity coach

Ready to step into your most productive avatar?

you strongly believe in the unseen.
why not believe in the unseen territory of your abundant potential?

Activate your high-achieving genes

High-achieving women aren’t made, they’re born.

You were born with the skill set to excel and grow.

You had high-achieving spurts while growing up, in the school, at the university, among your circle of friends.

Somewhere down the line you forgot about that because you had responsibilities.

You’re still the same person, with the same genes, with the same high-achieving skill set.

You just need to activate that and allow yourself to become what you were destined to become.

Don't be afraid of your potential.
Your success doesn't upset your family balance.
It doesn't make you a bad mom, a bad person or a bad muslimah.
If you follow the Barakah-full method to launch into your high-achieving persona, you will become a better mom & a better muslimah.
The extra income & impact will be a side effect.

after spending 6 months inside my One-on-one signature coaching program,
'the productivity accelerator',
you'll -

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this is an image of a free ebook written by dr Asbah shams md, for the purpose driven muslimahs. this is a collection of duas that help you manifest your dream life and keep you in afiyah

The Small Daily Wins Planner

The undated planner for all your planning and tracking needs. It’s also a journal to jot down your thoughts. A planner to keep you organized, productive and healthy. This planner is a blend of beautiful artwork, positivity, productivity and wellness.

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