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Maryam On A Mission: The Making of a Prodigy

A busy, overwhelmed, 30-something mom entrepreneur’s journey to a Grammy-worthy 2024

So let me talk to you about Maryam. 

When Maryam gets up in the morning for Fajr, she’s still half-asleep. With sleepy eyes and a heavy body, she forces herself out of bed because she has to. 

She prays her Salah hurriedly, minutes before sunrise. She promises herself that she’d get up earlier the next day. 

That day never comes. She feels guilty that she can’t keep her promise & is slacking with her Ibadah.

She desperately wants to to go back to sleep but she can’t. She has stuff to do, lunches to prepare, chores to finish.

On top of everything, there’s the looming feeling of not ‘getting there’.

‘There’ is an imaginary place that Maryam wanted to be at. 

It’s a place where your secretary in heels answers your emails & books your appointments while you sip your freshly-squeezed OJ in your Zara pyjamas, staring at the big blue beach in front of you, while writing your book on your Mac. It’s a place of comfort and luxury, of 7-figure launches and stardom. ‘There’ is the Grammy of online businesses.

Maryam fell into the trap of ‘getting there’ when she decided to start her online business. 

“What’s wrong with that”, you’d ask. 

“Well, everything”, I’d say. 

Maryam has so much to share. She wants to help people and make their lives easier with her expertise.

But she’s focusing on ‘getting there’ which is probably not what she wants. It’s what the people selling the dream of ‘there’ want her to choose. 

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What Maryam wants is freedom of time, higher energy levels and a feeling of ease. She wants to feel accomplished & confident. She’s grateful for a beautiful family & everything that she has but she wants to have something of her own that gives her a sense of fulfilment & purpose. 

Maryam feels overwhelmed & exhausted from the pressure of ‘getting there’. She answers that pressure by immersing herself in busywork. Multi-tasking and over scheduling depletes her. Despite being always busy, she doesn’t seem to get anything significant done. Her social media posts don’t get engagement. Nobody’s booking any calls with her. 

At the home front, she feels like a zombie mom, mindlessly reacting and distracted by work around her kids. 

Scared and confused at what the future might bring, uncertain about her goals, she scrambles as another day ends and mindlessly scrolls her phone before sleeping, without a  clear plan to follow for the next day. 

Maryam is not a loser, or lazy or weak. Maryam is definitely not stupid. 

On the contrary, she’s a strong, resilient, hardworking & responsible woman who seems to be following the wrong goal. 

Not just that, she’s following it without a clear strategy. 

Add to it a few limiting beliefs, fear of failing & a society to impress and you have a breath-taking recipe for failure. 

Deep down, Maryam wants to make amends. 

She wants to show up as a mindful muslimah and as a present and joyful parent. 

She wants to feel energised and motivated rather than sleepy, tired and empty.

When she makes an online credit card purchase for herself, she wants to do it confidently, knowing that her monthly income is consistent. 

More importantly, she wants to have a sense of clarity & control over her life, like she knows what she’s doing. 

In her interactions, she wants to come from a place of power – a calm, confident presence. 

She wouldn’t tell you because it sounds arrogant, but she wants to leave behind a bit of a legacy. She wants her client’s transformations to be her Grammy. 

But you don’t get a Grammy overnight. You work for it.

Maryam has what it takes to grab her Grammy. She’s ready to work for it too. All she needs is direction. 

She needs someone who can help her see through the chaos, embrace her strengths and guide her towards a path that aligns with her true fitrah & her ‘why’.

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In the midst of her daily struggles, Maryam’s Instagram feed delivered an unexpected surprise—a post claiming the secret formula to procrastination-proofing her 2024. The words jumped out at her, a beacon of hope in her quest for clarity and direction.

The post promised a transformative journey, one that would empower her to overcome procrastination, seize control of her life, and unlock her true potential. It was as if Allah had answered her duas.

Curiosity piqued, Maryam contemplates this unexpected opportunity. Could this be the direction she’s been seeking? The missing piece of her puzzle?

Maryam’s story continues with new twists and turns.

Will she take the opportunity for a fresh start or stay unsure of her path?

Stay tuned for the next installment to find out.

This isn’t just her journey; it’s for anyone seeking clarity, purpose, and a meaningful legacy. If you’ve ever felt the pressure to “figure it out” or longed for a sense of direction, this is your chance to join in.


    I love this Asbah, I can’t wait to read the next post!

      Jazakallah khair! the next post is coming right up !

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